1,000’s of teens age out of Foster Care every year in Texas. They, sadly, can quickly become victims of addictions, homelessness, sex and human trafficking, chronic depression and suicide because they lack job and life skills to properly care for themselves and they lose the only support system they have had.

Open Arms Home provides a safe place where they can have the support, direction, and opportunities to transition into healthy adulthood with job and life skills that will lead them into productive lives. Our Residents are females ages 18-24. Each has submitted an Application, provided references, undergone a background check and drug testing and agreed to Rules and Regulations that assure the safety and team work that is needed to make sure they grow and thrive as young adults.

The typical American teenager does not reach self-sufficiency until age 27 and sometimes a few years beyond. Parents invest much time and about $50,000 on their young adult children after age 18, teaching, mentoring, and giving their children a “leg-up” at becoming productive and contributing adults.

Foster Teens, on the other hand, are thrust into the world at 18 with no safety net and little to no skills, connections, or resources to help them survive and thrive. They do not know how to cook, handle money, drive a car, shop for themselves, do laundry, buy groceries, get a job and most have no job or life skills whatsoever. Through no fault of their own, they have been living in a system that does everything for them while they live in a Shelter thus, they learn nothing in regard to life preparation or self-confidence.

At Open Arms Home, we provide several therapies for healing, understanding, maturity, discovery and finding resolutions. We also provide several opportunities for jobs, entrepreneurship, GED, College, mentorships, community service plus the much-needed job and life skills to allow them to become self-sufficient, confident, and contributing citizens of society.

Will you help? You could make such a lasting IMPACT on young adults. Please visit our Ways to Give page. You may be surprised at how many ways you can help. Thank You.