With A Loving Heart & Open Arms

We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential

What We Do


Affordable Housing

We Provide Affordable Housing for Female Teens and Young Adults that have aged out of Foster Care or are homeless – ages 18-24 years.


Want to Become A Foster Family

Ready to receive a foster child or teen into your home? We can prepare you and certify you to become a Foster Family. Simply get some information or begin the journey by requesting help. Whether you are completely new to this process or have been a Foster Family in the past, we can help and prepare you to receive a Foster child/teen. Click the Request Help button to get started.


Bible-based Counseling

We offer individual, family, parenting and marriage counseling that is Biblically based and will lead to trauma healing and discovery of unconditional love. No pressure, just sharing truth and wisdom from God’s Word. Need to talk to someone? Need prayer and godly guidance? Contact us. All counseling sessions are confidential and led by seasoned and licensed counselors.


Job Skills

We teach Job Skills and help our participants get and keep a job. We help them write their resume, prepare for job interviews and teach job and life ethics and responsibilities.


Teach Literacy

Sadly, many Foster Teens only have a 5th grade literacy level. We teach literacy and encourage reading competencies. A new word of the day is integrated as well as
group and public speaking.



Each person that qualifies will receive a
College Scholarship. They will attend college and receive the support to achieve a degree. Additional Educational Classes,
such as coding, AI and Data Building / Recovery are also presented. If the Resident dropped out of High School, we help them get their GED.


Shoebox Christmas

For 10 years+, we have filled and given out Christmas Shoeboxes to children & teens living in Shelters, Foster & Needy Families. Each shoebox is filled to the brim with personal necessities and custom items based on gender, age and hobbies. Over 35,000 Shoebox Christmas Gifts have been given out over the years. Need a Shoebox Christmas gift or wish to donate gifts, gift cards or time to this impactful program? Contact us and let’s get you plug in.

Life Skills

We teach life skills such as cooking, washing clothes, managing money, opening a checking or savings account, writing a resume, job-hunting, preparing for a job interview, GED, parenting classes, gardening and so much more to assist teens and families to grow and thrive. Want to get involved and help as a Mentor/Teacher. Share your talents, skills, and expertise. Contact us.

Need of Resources?

Are you a Foster Family, Shelter, School Case Manager or a Teen that has aged out and are currently in need of some resources? Maybe we can help. We will do our best to meet that need or refer you to someone that can. Click “Request Help” and tell us what you need.

Computers with a Purpose

Do you have a used computer, laptop or monitor that you would like to donate to a Foster child/family, Shelter or Teen who has aged out of Foster care and is now in college or looking for a job? Please consider donating your computer, tablets, and devices to us to be re-purposed for a greater Purpose. We thank you in advance. Contact us to make a donation.

Pay It Forward

We break cycles of entitlements and selfish mindsets with our “Pay It Forward” program which includes committed giving and active Community Service.


Organic Gardening

We teach organic gardening, cooking & preserving. Our “Food is Medicine” program teaches the necessity of growing and knowing your own food. It includes hand-on experience in every aspect of gardening, cooking, storing, preserving, drying, canning, fermenting and freeze drying.

Our programs, classes and therapies seek to teach, engage and empower through hands-on learning, life lessons, honest participation and community events. We equip our Residents through job and life skills and education, financial empowerment, youth and spiritual development. Introducing healing through experienced counseling, discovering purpose and passion and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

They learn care and respect for themselves and others. They discover talents, God-given gifts, beauty and opportunities they never saw before. As a result, poverty mindsets, victim-mentalities and poor self-esteems are broken, and healing and resiliency rises to the forefront. Joy, hope, forgiveness, and grateful hearts become their new normal.

They can now transition into loving, productive, and “whole” adults that will produce loving, productive families and friendships. The cycle of abuse, abandonment and neglect has been broken and they are now loving others unconditionally and serving generously.

We can’t accomplish to the extend we would like to without the help of loving, generous Volunteers and Donors. Ready to give of your time, talent and/or treasure to this amazing cause of helping to heal and empower a young adult? We need you as much as our Residents need you. You will be a source of tremendous light and strength to them. Connect with us here and get on our Volunteer list to receive
information on our next Special Event or Project that needs you. Or Become a Monthly Partner/Mentor or discover Ways You Can Give here today. I assure you that you will be blessed and enriched in areas that you never imagined. Prepare to receive as you give from the heart. Thank You!