Your donations go to fund the following needs:

Job Skills

Identify Existing Skills and Learn New Skills
Write and/or Update their Resume
Learn new Computer Skills
Dress for Success
Learn Workplace Ethics
Learn Positive Mindsets
Job Hunting
Online Businesses

Trauma Healing

Personal Counseling
Family Counseling
Healing the Soul
Garden Therapy
Community Service Therapy
Spiritual Therapy
Bible Studies and Life Lessons
Music, Art and Dance Therapies
Small Animal Therapies

Community Service

Serving God by Serving Others
Giving our Best in Excellence
Productive Contributions to Society

Life Skills

Cooking Classes
Baking Classes
Sewing Classes
Food is Medicine
Organic Gardening Skills
Learning to do Laundry
Problem Solving Classes
Anger Management Classes
Financial Literacy and Management Classes
Organizational Skills
Building and Restoring Healthy Relationships
Finding Purpose
Literacy Classes
GED Classes
Online College Classes

Pay It Forward

You Reap What You Sow Principle
The Sacrificial Gifts
Creating a Godly Legacy

Please check out the many ways that you can GIVE to Open Arms Home. Your contributions of time, talent and treasures will make a significant impact in these young lives for many, many years and will return supernatural benefits back to you in unexpected and amazing ways. We thank you in advance and pray showers of blessings over you and all those connected to you.